Is Integrative Health an insurance plan?

No. Membership is not an insurance program, nor is it intended to be one. Integrative Health is a family health membership combining primary medical care with complementary health care, including a wide range of holistic and wellness treatments, for individuals, families, and businesses in order to provide you with a method that allows for you to make the most of your health care plan.

Do I need insurance to be a member?

Yes, health insurance is required for all Americans by the federal government.

What insurance should I get?

High deductible insurance plans allow our members to pay lower premiums than traditional insurance plans. Most of our integrated medical services are billed to insurance, so this deductible can be lowered over time while pursuing regular care.

Are there any insurance plans that you do not accept?

Currently we accept most insurances, but there are a few that we are not contracted with so please contact us for more information. Due to regulatory restrictions, Integrative Health membership is also not available to those who are eligible for or enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or other government health programs.

Are membership fees covered by insurance?

No, but you can use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), which allows you to pay your membership fees on a pre-tax basis.

What if I have a business?

Integrative Health offers an exclusive program to help employers lower healthcare costs while raising the standard of health care plans in their corporate health plan. More information for employers is available on our Employers page.