1. A Deeper Look at Oriental Medicine Practices

    Acupuncture may be the only form of Chinese Medicine you are familiar with. It is the most commonly used practice in America, but only scrapes the surface of Chinese Medicine. In our last blog, we mentioned many of the different practices and therapies used in Oriental Medicine, from vacuum pressure to qi gong. In this blog we are going to explore some of the Oriental Medicine practices in more d…Read More

  2. What is Oriental Medicine?

    With human existence came the existence of illness and disease. And just like humans today, mankind tried to cure this illnesses and diseases. Before there was even written language, before civilizations were created, there were attempts at medical procedures and practices, according to the Association for Traditional Studies. The History of Chinese Medicine China was one of the first civilizatio…Read More

  3. Weekly Wellness: Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

    Getting pampered is not an everyday occurrence, and massages were once viewed as a spa service that only few could afford or were willing to spend money on. They seemed to fall in the same category as getting your nails done or sitting in a sauna, there was no real benefit from them, and beauty and relaxation was the main concern. But slowly, we are realizing the powers and health benefits that c…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Telehealth

    In the last couple of years you may have heard about, or used, telemedicine. This is a cool tool that allows you to connect with doctors, via phone or computer, in different specialties to have questions answered and get advice. But this is not a new service. It has been around for about 40 years, but with the emergence of smartphones and video messaging, has become bigger and more easily accessi…Read More

  5. Integrative Medicine and Allergy Season

    Seasonal allergies are frustrating. They affect a large amount of people all over the United States, especially hayfever, or allergic rhinitis. In fact, it affects anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of the population. That is a good chunk of people to be walking around with the sniffles, congestion, sinus problems, and headaches. The Symptoms Associated With Hayfever The symptoms of hayfever generall…Read More

  6. Why Integrative Health is the Better Health Option

    For decades, health and medicine have always been associated with a person’s physical being. Making sure organs are running correctly, bones and joints are in good health, and you are aging normally. But what about your mind? Mental health has come into play recently when looking at overall health. People have started to realize the connection between physical and mental health, and the effects…Read More

  7. Weekly Wellness: Benefits of Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is generally viewed as a program that patients who recently went through surgery take part in. It helps them slowly regain as much function and mobility as possible to the area that received surgery. But physical therapy can help with so much more than just that. Starting in the early 1920s, Mary McMillan became the president of the  American Women’s Physical Therapy Associati…Read More

  8. Weekly Wellness: Benefits of Acupuncture

    Most people do not like the thought of needles inserted into their arm, pricked into their fingertips, or punched through their ears. So why would anyone willingly get needles placed all over their body, sticking out in every direction? There are actually many reasons people decide to get these tiny needles poked into their skin, or as we like to call it, acupuncture. Acupuncture was started over…Read More

  9. Weekly Wellness: Benefits of Chiropractic Care

    In 1895, a man with a hearing problem and heart pain visited a healer named D.D. Palmer. With careful observation, he noticed a vertebra was out of alignment. After adjusting the vertebra back in place, the man had instant relief. That is how chiropractic services began, and since then, have helped a huge number of people. The nerves in your spinal cord control so many of your body’s functions …Read More

  10. Integrative Health for a Colorado Winter

    Colorado winters can be absolutely brutal. Between the unexpected spikes in temperature, the increased chances of illness and the amount of activities that people partake in, it’s extremely necessary that any Colorado resident understands everything that they need to maintain good health this season. Integrative Health is more than just a care provider during this time, we are your friends and y…Read More