1. The Importance of Health Screenings

    Preventive care is an important aspect of health care. With preventive screenings and annual exams, it is easier for patients to avoid illness and stay healthy. Some preventive screenings may seem pointless or a waste of time, but these tests are set in place for a reason, to keep patients healthy and aware of their health. Cancer and age related preventive screenings are important, and we hope th…Read More

  2. Tips To Staying Healthy In The Winter

    It’s that time of year again, when the leaves are replaced with snow and colds spread like wildfire. For some winter is a glorious time full of joyfulness, holiday cheer, and beautiful snow falls. For others winter is quite the opposite. But no matter which type of person you are, a cold can ruin winter for you, especially if it lasts longer than expected. It is still unknown why we suffer from …Read More

  3. What Is Gua Sha?

    There are many Oriental Medicine techniques and practices that are slowly becoming more popular and widely used in the states. Acupuncture and cupping, or vacuum pressure, are probably the most popular types of Oriental Medicine. There are many different types of Oriental Medicine, but not all medical centers and practitioners offer these services. At Integrative Health, we offer Oriental Medicine…Read More

  4. Keeping Your Kids Healthy For Back-To-School

    It is that time of year again, when the weather begins to cool, the late nights become more limited, and the kids are dreading the end of freedom. Back-to-school is a bittersweet moment. Parents finally have time to relax and not have to find new ways to entertain their children, and children have to develop their old routine of doing homework and going to bed at a reasonable time. Whether or not …Read More

  5. All About Cardiovascular Disease

    Your heart is what keeps you alive. That seems like a pretty obvious statement, but many people don’t consider this as they fail to take care of their body. Eating unhealthy, ditching workouts, and developing bad habits that ruin their health. They don’t realize how many different things can harm their heart, making them more likely to get cardiovascular disease. But a lot of different health …Read More

  6. Add Years To Your Life

    To live life to the fullest is the ultimate dream. To some of us that means traveling the world, to others it means changing it. Some people find purpose in life when they find their true passion, others are content with building a family and watching their children and grandchildren succeed. But to do all of these things, we must live well past our prime, aging like a fine wine. But many of the h…Read More

  7. Living A Healthy Lifestyle

    Being healthy is a curious thing. You can eat right, exercise, and be sure to drink enough water, but all of that only takes care of physical health. To obtain optimum health, physically and mentally, you need to take care of yourself and be sure to cover all of the bases. Living a healthy lifestyle may be difficult, especially considering that we all have our vices and unhealthy weaknesses. But l…Read More

  8. Aesthetic Services for Our Members

    Physical health is important when it comes to feeling your best. But being physically healthy is not always what makes us feel best. Many times, looking good plays a huge part in feeling good as well. People spend a ton of money on salon and spa days, facials, haircuts, and beauty products. The better they look, the better they generally feel. And while Integrative Health is dedicated to offering …Read More

  9. A Deeper Look at Oriental Medicine Practices

    Acupuncture may be the only form of Chinese Medicine you are familiar with. It is the most commonly used practice in America, but only scrapes the surface of Chinese Medicine. In our last blog, we mentioned many of the different practices and therapies used in Oriental Medicine, from vacuum pressure to qi gong. In this blog we are going to explore some of the Oriental Medicine practices in more de…Read More

  10. What is Oriental Medicine?

    With human existence came the existence of illness and disease. And just like humans today, mankind tried to cure this illnesses and diseases. Before there was even written language, before civilizations were created, there were attempts at medical procedures and practices, according to the Association for Traditional Studies. The History of Chinese Medicine China was one of the first civilization…Read More