Integrative Health patients receive services through a direct primary care membership*. We offer a limited number of memberships for an affordable monthly fee. The direct primary care business model allows us to spend more time with our patients, tailor treatment to each individual, provide more integrated health services as needed, and make treatment decisions aimed at long-term health and well-being.

Primary Care Providers Vs. Insurance Companies

Typical medical care is reactive in nature,treating problems as they arise and incorporating very limited testing or services for the sake of prevention. Because most of us switch health insurance companies on a regular basis, those insurance companies choose the preventative services patients are allowed to have, with a natural bias towards cutting their costs. And blog 1most primary care providers have to spend more time doing paperwork than talking to patients.

Our approach is proactive in nature and designed to strategically pursue the long-term health of our members.  The direct primary care model gives us time to talk and get to know each one of our patients, so we can identify early changes that indicate a departure from optimal health and intervene with corrective strategies. Our team of specialists work together to collaborate on one care plan for each patient.

The Most Affordable Primary Care

Many people have a high-deductible insurance plan with a low monthly premium, but as a result, they avoid going to the doctor because, until that high deductible is met, the cost of most visits is not covered. When you agree to be our patient you have access to the superior quality healthcare services listed on our Benefits page for one flat monthly fee. For the services included in your membership agreement, you pay nothing more than the low monthly payment. Our membership fees are not covered by insurance.

*Membership is not an insurance program. Membership may not be available to everyone due to regulatory restrictions. Learn more on our General FAQs page.